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“Customer Satisfaction is our First priority & Work with devotion is the soul of the company”

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King of Spices is an encyclopaedia on Spices, providing useful information
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Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
Late Shree Chhaganlal Hansraj Nathwani


It was the year 1969, A blissfull day with Sun on its time :- shining brightly up there in the sky, when this man Pioneer of M/s. Nathvani Trading Co. Mr.Chaganlal Hansraj Nathvani, broke up with an idea to start with an revolutionary outcome in the field of spices.

Mr. Nathwani with his years of experience and knowledge of spices industries set up a manufacturing factory at Jamnagar, also known as Paris of Saurashtra, known for its traditional Bandhanis, Brass industries and quality spices.

Rameshchandra Chhaganlal Nathwani


"RAJHANS" was born and soon with his foresight, experience and Entrepreneurial skills it become an ensured name for quality and purity in the field of spices in India & abroad.

It was because of his thoughts which made up reach here, right at the top of the world. He believes more in action than words and so decided not to do different thing, but to manage the things differently. It was his ideal imagenation on which the company is set up till today.

Our founders have been providing quality products (whole spices) for over 35 years. Now with Kingofspices.com everyone can take the advantage of the excellence and experience. We have been providing from more than decades, it is a straight flow of vast experience from generation to generation.

About our staff

Nathwani Trading Co. principals have been in industry for over 35 years. They are experienced in customer services, distribtion, marketing and sales, all our well equipped, skillfull and appointed in right number and right place check our quality at all stage. No compromise in quality under any situation and at any time are strickly followed to and by all.

What makes us unique

Nathwani Trading Co. consistently exceeds their expectations for quality, it is a company designed just for you, shoppers of the internet. Our principals have been selling and distributing these products for many years. We will endure to give you the highest quality and services available.

Remember we promise to serve you the best, Always and in all ways.

Thank you for visiting our website Kingofspices.com we are confident that once you deal with us, you will return again for the best spices money can buy.