P. R. Enterprise

Year of Establishment : 1989
Nature of Business   : Market Partner for NB
Commodities        : AJWAIN - BEESHO'S WEEDS,
                  JEERA - CUMIN SEEDS,
                 SUVA - DIL SEEDS,
                 METHI DANA - FENUGREEK.

  • OFFICE           : A - 128, Market Yard Hapa - Jamnagar.
  • AUTHORITY    : H.U.F.
                            MEMBER AT JAMNAGAR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
P. R. enterprise had a very tough task to market its products round the state at the stage when marketing was not so very popular.

It had really tough time but have eventually managed very Well and to its fullest.

At a later stage it had also started marketing the machine clean - pouches packed by Nathwani and Brothers, at P.R.C.C. Unit (since 2000).